How to Wear Bras After Getting Breast Implants

If you just had a breast augmentation, you might be wondering what to do about wearing a bra afterward. It can be quite tricky, so here are some tips for you.

Breast Augmentation Bras

Stick with Surgical Bra During the Recovery Period

The first week to a month after getting breast implants are some of the most critical for patient recovery. At this time, the patient needs to only wear the surgical bra as they go about their day. Surgical bras are made to offer sufficient support to breasts, to ensure that the implants do not bottom out (fall too far downward) or fall to the sides. Most breast implant clinics will provide an elastic strap that will either apply downward pressure, support the breast fold or both. For example, if you were going to get a boob job in des moines we would highly recommend going with for their excellent reputation in breast augmentation surgery throughout Iowa and the United States, and the fact that they will give you the right bra and all the support you need afterward in your recovery.

Do not Wear an Underwire Bra for the First Two Months

Many complications post breast augmentation surgery procedures can be linked to wearing the underwire bra sooner than is necessary. If the surgery was performed through the breast fold, an underwire bra may put undue pressure on tender incisions, or even cut and irritate the flesh beneath the breasts. It is generally safe to wear the underwire bra two months after surgery. Before the end of this recovery period, any bra that pushes up the breasts need to be avoided, to allow the breast implants to settle back into their natural position. Nonetheless, patients may find that since they now have shapely enlarged breasts, the need for a push up effect is no longer required.

How to Buy New Bras

Women with breast implants may need to adjust their previous style and size options significantly when buying new bras. Most will typically have to get new measurements to find a comfortable and perfect fit. It will be obvious that some bra styles that would previously be flattering and comfortable might no longer be so. On the other hand, some bras that would never have been suitable before may now be appropriate for your new breasts.

Bra Selection and Fitting may be Determined by:

1. The size (projection and width) of breasts
2. Shape of cleavage
3. Width of breasts
4. Position of breasts on bust

When buying a bra after breast augmentation surgery, the following are some of the most critical indicators of a poor fit:

1. The bra cups have wrinkles and the space between the breasts and the cup is excessive. If this is the case, a smaller cup size may be more appropriate.

2. The straps fall off the shoulder or dig into the skin uncomfortably. If the band strap length requires alteration to give sufficient and comfortable support, then the bra is unsuitable. A good bra should have bands that offer 90% of the required breast support.

3. If the band keeps on riding up the back creating ugly lumps of tissues and skin, then the bra is a poor fit. A bra needs to have a band that is slightly lower than the front or parallel to it.

4. The center panel of the bra is off the skin. If this is the case, the selected bra may be too small for your breasts and a larger bra may be a better fit.

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